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Enviromental problems solutions


Biosolutions for enviromental problems

The management of wastewater and other wastes is a major environmental problem in first world countries and in undeveloped countries.

BioAlgae proposes a process of treatment of this type of waste based on a structured procedure that starts from a study of its composition.

This step is important because it will determine the need for previous treatments that will also condition the economic viability of the project according to its complexity.

It will also be studied if, depending on the characteristics of the waste, temporary or permanent changes in the installation are to be implemented.

It is essential to point out that Bioremediation procedures cause biomass to absorb some or all of the contaminants, thus conditioning their subsequent use, which will fundallarily focus on cogeneration energy projects.

The determination of economic viability should be done not only on the basis of financial numbers and magnitudes, but also by accounting for remediation within the project to the extent that it produces a beneficial social effect and increases the sustainability of traditional industrial processes.