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Local solution for a global problem

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The effect of C02 on the Earth's atmosphere is already an unquestionable fact that is causing several harmful effects on the communities that suffer it actively.

In the first world air pollution causes serious problems for the development of associated pathologies, mainly in urban areas.

All this subsequently becomes a serious economic problem for governments, not only because of the nature of these diseases, but also because of their tendency to become chronic.

For this same reason the problem has another feature that aggravates it and becomes a social and political issue as citizens through information are increasingly sensitive to the actions of politicians in this area.

Precisely at the transnational level, international agencies have sought to coordinate global policies aimed at long-term eradication of the problem.

The overall state of CO2 emissions means that countries with less resources and less developed countries suffer more from the consequences of the current negative situation.

Phenomena such as El NiƱo are devastating to these communities as well as repeated droughts accompanied by fires and later torrential rains, hurricanes, etc.

BioAlgae proposes an ideal solution since the Microalgal Biomass feeds on this contaminant (CO2). 
The development of an industrial production method that maximizes productivity and reduces crop space makes it possible to produce large amounts of biomass by also capturing CO2 in the known proportion:
1 Ton of biomass = 1.86 Tons of CO2 captured.