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As a nutritional complement and due to its composition the microalgal biomass presents a series of properties that make it very attractive.

The lyophilized microalgal biomass supplied by BioAlgae contains up to 60% protein of plant origin, which in its composition includes all the essential amino acids.

Likewise, it also presents an average composition of 20% of PFAs, indispensable for the health of the cardiovascular system.
Its high concentration in proteins and AGPs makes it an ideal food supplement for human nutrition. It is presented as an alternative without competition to alleviate the lack of protein diet in developing countries.

It is also an ideal food supplement for the production of baby food, especially due to the high Omega 3 content and the absence of fishy odor, which is characteristic of other sources. The presence of all essential amino acids also contributes in a very important way.

Its calorimetry, exceeding 5000 cal / g, is also important when it is used as a balanced and energy-rich food. Very interesting in food for athletes.

The lyophilized powder presentation gives it a high stability over time and makes the shipping and transport costs very important when it is prepared with a humidity of 0%, in the case of the encapsulated or bagged product.